Happy Holidays

With the winter holidays upon us Great Bear Tales and all our team and friends at Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association wish you a safe and festive season. It’s been a tough couple years on the BC Central Coast, from on-going Covid-19 pandemic issues to tourism closures, travel bans, climate change and fisheries issues.


But the fabric of the Coast is resilient and people strong. Our Coastal First Nations are committed in stewardship of traditional territory and Great Bear ecosystem. It’s our true hope that moving forward in the spirit of truth and reconciliation…a new path in friendship, cooperation and sustainability will be found and our coast preserved as it should be.


The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the most pristine and spectacular ecosystems left on Earth and needs all of our love and attention. Together we can help build a sustainable and harmonious future and can’t wait to get working with our many exceptional partners!


Happy Holidays




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